NIRA obtained the environmental certification ISO 14001 in June 2020. The company has always been operating in compliance with norm principles: it uses renewable energy sources, limits waste and consumption, and it is committed to developing and choosing processes with low environmental impact.


Since the very beginning, NIRA has been committed to making its own organization and that every employee should have impartial and correct behaviour, in accordance with the existing legislation, and that takes account of the economic, social and environmental impact of his work. The ethical code, shared by all the employees, is the last step in chronological order of this commitment


NIRA has always been committed to guaranteeing a certified quality system according to the highest standards available on the market.


NIRA obtained the certification of an energy management system according to ISO 50001:2018 in April 2023 with continuous improvement also in the area of efficiency of its energy consumption.


Excellence does not come by chance
NIRA works continuously and professionally to guarantee to its customers quality products, 100% verifying and certifying that every component meets customers’ specifications. A team of more than 20 people check every process phase, from the reception of the raw material till the shipment of the end product, to verify that the established parameters are respected. Control plan starts with the reception of the raw materials, which guarantee respect for customer requirements as well as traceability of every ingredient used for the production lot. Manufacturing is constantly monitored, from the approval of the beginning of the moulding, proceeding with controls according to the frequency foreseen by the plan. All the finishings are under specific controls that certify the correct execution of every phase. Before shipment pieces are sorted (manually or with automatic control systems) to guarantee respect of the qualitative standards agreed with the customer.

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